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Shoegaze supergroup release their first music video

Palms Future Warrior screen cap

It was only yesterday that Palms‘ name came up on the site, citing the ‘supergroup’ and their recent debut release when discussing Deftones‘ relative quietness of late in the wake of their new video for “Romantic Dreams.

You see, the shoegaze four-piece count Deftones frontman Chino Moreno amongst their number, in addition to Jeff Caxide, Aaron Harris, and Bryant Clifford Meyer - three former members of post-metal legends ISIS – so with touring and dual fronting duties, you might expect some quietness.

Ir seems there might have been at.least a little truth to that, as not a day later we have a video from Palms – their first ever – for album opener “Future Warrior“. Check it out:

It’s quite impressive visually; the landscape shots are all beautiful, and the subject matter of the video isn’t exactly uneasy on the eye. Directed by Jon Mancinetti, it “perfectly encapsulates the visual elements that have accompanied the album’s release: a breezy Southern California landscape with rugged mountains and swaying palm trees.”

The video seems to tell a loose story of obsession or post-breakup stalking as a guy watches and follows a young lady as she swims in her pool and visits the beach. She sees him, chases him, catches him, and for some reason they both explode.

Palms is a funny release. At first I was a bit underwhelmed, especially given the former exploits of the band’s members, but as the season changes and there’s a bit more nip and melancholy in the autumnal air, it actually make a lot more sense. It does well to be heard through earphones and in solitude; you can’t just stick it on in the background.

Palms aren’t currently touring, given Deftones’ current touring commitments, but we’re sure there’ll be some more exploratory gigs to top off their recent Californian forays next year.