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Panic! At The Disco release new song and music video

Panic! At The Disco

I’ve always instructed our writers at The Monolith that it is not an advisable idea to preface a post with a plea not to be put to death. I suppose I’ve never been too good at following my own advice, and hell, this is better than that Devildriver song I wrote about.

We’ve made a habit on The Monolith of writing about all sorts of things, and not just metal either. The other day, Panic! At The Disco released their new single “This Is Gospel” from their forthcoming album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! After listening, and having the song lay an earworm that promptly crawled into my brain, I couldn’t resist writing about it.

Panic! have never tried to hide the fact that their basically an emo pop rock band and have always written infectious and easily digestible music. It’s what they’ve built their career on, and while a lot of it is saccharine and sickly sweet enough to give you diabetes, it had its place in the pop world.

Honestly, I’d actually completely forgotten about this band’s existence until this single crossed my proverbial desk, but it’s clear that the band have grown since the last time I’ve heard them. Sure, they’ve changed styles purely to keep up with the latest trends and the music is still very much focused on the powerful (but altered) vocals of heartthrob frontman Brendon Urie. In fact, there’s no denying that the music basically exists for the sole purpose of making Urie look good, but the man does have a surprising talent and well tuned pipes.

The video for this new ditty is an odd one, entirely focused on Urie (the other guys don’t matter from a marketing perspective), lying down in darkness and being passed around by a number of doctors and surgeons, essentially allowing Urie to lie there, look pretty and sing dramatically. It gets pretty ridiculous when the music erupts and Urie tries to break free; jolting bolt upright and attempting an escape.

It’s unsure whether his escape is prevented by the other people in the room limply holding him back or the massive fan they erected in the middle of the room to make his hair do that sexy, wavy thing, but whatever it is, it seems to be working. In all seriousness though, the second half of the song does contain some effective (if slightly simplistic) imagery, and you’d be lying if at least part of the song doesn’t get buried in your head – whether you like it or not.

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die will be released on October 8th via Decaydence/Fueled By Ramen

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Panic! At The Disco? Do you like this new song? Will you check out their new album? Do you wish we’d stick to metal? Sound off in the comments!

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