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My Project Ghost announce themselves in a massive way

My Project Ghost 2014

Sometimes, hanging around mangy music groups on Facebook throws up gems. There’s a lot of sharing of good music actually, but one from yesterday evening really caught my attention.

Red Seas Fire drummer Jake Fogarty slipped a song from his new project My Project Ghost into one such forum; a banger called “Wrap Around Porch“. The name was weird enough to draw attention, but he also mentioned that it’s a collaboration with Bastions frontman Jamie Burne and former Architects live guitarist Morgan Sinclair. Both are names not unknown around the British scene, but it seems that together they are something to be reckoned with, because “Wrap Around Porch” is fantastic. Have a squizz:

With footage taken from one of those odd old black and white films, the video and track itself make for a heady mix. Whilst not overly flashy, there’s an ambiance and more than a little aggression that have been distilled into something that is tantalisingly parts La Dispute, Refused, United Nations, and a few other things I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s not so much riffy as it is just generally violent and screamy, and the general presentation is lovely.

There’s not much information on the band or where they plan to go from here – their Facebook page was only launched on Sunday – and there’s nothing on a release title or date, but we do know that “Wrap Around Porch” was produced by Adam Getgood (of Periphery, and Jake’s former RSF bandmate) and Dez Nagle (of The Safety Fire), which is pretty cool.

We’ll endeavour to find out more about these guys, because this is pretty exciting stuff.