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Psychostick deliver their latest batch of zany shenanigans with “Sadface”


Comedy and metal is a lot like horror and comedy; two styles that when mixed together properly create amazing results. However, there are far too many inexperienced hands that try to combine the two and quite often they fail abysmally creating something that is neither funny nor scary/heavy (depending on the medium), and when you fail at that you fail at creating something that is actually fun, which is pretty much the number one rule for a genre mash of those styles.

For every band that fails at making that connection, there is a Psychostick, a band that so gloriously succeeds you can’t help but be enamoured with everything they do, at least for the short amount of time that it remains in your consciousness. I must admit that I haven’t thought much about Psychostick since I was introduced to their excellent album Sandwich. Once I’d played that out, I promptly forgot about the band, until now.

It turns out that the bizarre quartet have kept rather busy, consistently releasing new music that lives up to their mandate of silliness and surprisingly manages to balance zany and downright hilarious comedy with some damn good pop metal tunes. Their most recent song is no different to this tried and tested formula.

You could say that “Sadface” is about the rise of social networking and how it permeates through every level of our existence, and you wouldn’t necessarily be lying, but really, it’s just about how much it pisses off frontman Rawrb, who keeps his social networks fan free. The video itself is well put together and very amusing, with the band sporting their infamous outfits and performing the song in their usual erratic, ridiculous way.

One thing that the video can be complimented on is through the joke comments appearing on the Youtube substitute, they’ve managed to accurately encapsulate an exaggerated version of the average commenter on the internet, and it’s a pretty glorious site. There are some real gems in there, so make sure to be watching the constant cycling comment feed.

Another thing that can be said is that you often forget just how good of a vocalist Rawrb is, considering that the majority of their music requires him to jokingly shout and yell at every opportunity. Whenever he sparingly breaks out into singing you’re always reminded of what a surprisingly melodious voice he has at his disposal. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts!

What do you guys think? Are you fans of Psychostick? How does this song compare to the rest of the stuff in their ouevre? Do you like the video? Sound off in the comments!

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