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New Red Seas Fire track may surprise you

Red Seas Fire The Gold Room

Last week, Bristolian quartet Red Seas Fire premiered a new song on the prestigious Radio 1 Rock Show. It sort of passed us by, because it’s on between 12 and 2am every Tuesday night and we’re all old(ish) farts, but in order to catch those who didn’t hear it, the band have released a video to accompany the track.

It’s called “The Gold Room” – and it’s really different to what the band have done before.

It’s from their forthcoming EP Confrontation, which is the second of a planned quartet of EPs that will ultimately go together to form a full album. The first, Exposition, was released last year (reviewed here) and marked a solid start to the cycle, but this one’s certainly worth sticking your head above the parapet for. Check it out:

Vocalist Robin Adams said of the video and the track’s meaning:

“As our first trip to Europe with our current line-up, in addition to being our first time in Norway, we decided to document the trip in order to give people an insight in to our adventures abroad. Suffice to say, we were completely blown away by the beauty of this country. Regarding the track itself, The Gold Room is a very politically motivated song, which sums up my views and thoughts regarding our current situation.”

Confrontation is out April 7th independently, and will likely be pay-what-you-want