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Replacire release new music video for “The Human Burden”


Boston-based progressive death metalers Replacire have released their first music video for the title track of their 2012 release, The Human Burden. In the year since the release of their premier full-length album, these guys have been touring and building a solid fan base, offering an infectious mix of death metal brutality, technical wizardry, and masterful song writing. With this new video, they are poised to expand their reach to a worldwide internet audience.

Filmed immediately following their RIP YOUR HEAD OFF Tour alongside Connecticut based technical death metal act Formless, the video does away with any pretences of plot line or fancy set pieces. Instead, the entirety of the 4 minute 50 second video is shot as a live performance in an unfinished, and slightly creepy basement. While this might seem overly simple in a time when death metal bands are putting out videos with higher and higher productions (looking at you, Job for a Cowboy‘s “Tarnished Gluttony“), this video perfectly captures the energy and technical mastery brought to bear by the group.

There are a select few bands that can pull off a music video as richly sparse as this, but Replacire seem to have little trouble. The style of the video brings to mind Pantera‘s “Five Minutes Alone“, an epic collage of musician against black backdrop, showcasing some of the coolest shots of strings vibrating over a fretboard ever filmed. Such camera tricks are unfortunately absent from “The Human Burden“, but nonetheless, the production is excellent and leaves no doubt that Replacire are a force to be reckoned with.

Crafting intricate, weaving melody with death metal technicality, Replacire are a band worth keeping an eye on. With a great sounding record, an impressive live show, and now a very solid video behind them, they seem right on the verge of breaking out of the often under represented New England metal scene onto a national stage, and few guys deserve it more.