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Here’s a wrap up of all the latest music videos

Creepy music video freeze frame

This week has been a great one for music videos, here’s a few you may have missed.

Bring Me The Horizon – Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake

Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

It feels like only last week I was writing about the new Bring Me The Horizon video, but yet they’re back again with another music video to promote their excellent 2013 release, Sempiternal. This time, they’ve provided arresting imagery to go along with the track “Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake“. You may remember that the band actually released an official live video for this song already. Personally, I wish they’d just make a video for my favourite song “Empire (Let Them Sing)“. The video itself sees the band looking rather clean cut and playing in a church while various evocative imagery cycles through showing the circle of life, as well as less than stellar human occurrences. It’s a well put together piece, and I shan’t bother talking about their music, because at this point, if you’re not converted, nothing will.

The Vision Bleak – The Wood Hag

The Vision Bleak - Witching Hour

This is a band that I was previously unfamiliar with, but I was immediately drawn in by the expressive and stylistic music video for “The Wood Hag“. Through the use of creepy looking puppets and a slightly suspect use of the Harry Potter font we are given a rendition of the classic tale of Hansel & Gretel, and their encounter with a nasty witch. The song itself is a worthy slab of gothic tinged metal, implementing a very effective, but off kilter keyboard tone that makes it sound like an old fashioned and sinister carnival. People that like the gothic touch will likely be impressed with this work.

Liferuiner – Self Purgatory

Liferuiner - Future Revisionists

Liferuiner‘s new video marries their riveting brand of emotional post hardcore catharsis with an uplifting music video comprised of images showing the band performing their work in a live setting, juxtaposed with more introspective imagery. While the video isn’t overwhelmingly original, it does complement the music massively and is good to get lost in.

Vattnet Viskar – Breath Of The Almighty

Vattnet Viskar - Sky Swallower

Vattnet Viskar are an American atmospheric black/doom metal quartet that have just released their debut album via Century Media Records. To celebrate, they’ve shared with us this videoclip, one that certainly suits their style of music. Monochrome images of desolate settings and isolated objects viewed through a kaleidoscope provide a compelling and powerful visual narrative to a song that is packed to the rafters with genuine emotion and pain. Movement in the video is subtle, but works well to establish presence and mood. If you like your black metal atmospheric and introspective, Vattnet Viskar’s debut album will be essential listening for you.

Locrian – Panorama Of Mirrors

Locrian - Return To Annihilation

Chances are the only way you’ll be truly prepared for the horrors that await you in this video if you are previously familiar with the avant drone trio. Locrian are a band not for the faint of heart, or a listener that is easily swayed, for they take drone to dizzying, sometimes terrifying, new extremes. Their new music video is a perfect visual accompaniment to their brand of extreme audio cacophony. The visuals all bleed together into a malaise of bright colours, provocative imagery and of course psychedelic effects, and blurs of colour. Watch at your own risk.

KoRn – Never Never

Korn - Never Never

It makes sense for the songs to get more terrifying and intense as it goes along, so obviously it makes sense to end with KoRn and the first single from their new album, The Paradigm Shift. Jesus fuck this is the worst thing they’ve ever done by a country mile, and this is a band with a less than stellar track record. What’s even more baffling is why they would choose to have this song represent their new album? Sure, it might make pop music fans buy into the band, but it stands to alienate their ENTIRE fanbase.

The other track released “Love & Meth” (stream that here), is actually much better and even a return to form for the band. The fact that this album has been hyped up as the return of original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, and then to feature a track that might as well not even have guitars on it, is a fucking travesty and a straight up slap in the face for anyone stupid enough to still care. Oh dear, oh dear.

 What do you guys think? Which video is the best? Which video is the worst? Why? Did any of these videos really impress you or convince you to check out the band’s works? Sound off in the comments!

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