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Run The Jewels unleash a new music video!

Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels

For those of you who read The Monolith regularly you’ll know that we don’t just cover metal music and film. We’re strong believers in spreading the word in all music that we’re passionate about - even rap. That brings me to Run The Jewels, a new independent rap duo comprised of EI-P and Killer Mike. Our very own Professor Grover the XIIIth has spoken about the virtues of EI-P’s solo and group work with other artists.

The self-titled album from Run The Jewels marks the first time the two artists involved have collaborated with one another and has made considerable waves, with many citing it as the best rap album released this year thus far.I certainly agree that it’s one of the stronger rap albums I’ve heard in some time; the unity between the artists seems very natural and their vocal interplay is fantastic. What’s more, the album is completely free, so there is really no excuse for anyone not to download it.

This brings us to a new music video that Run The Jewels have released for the song “36″ Chain” from the album. Warning: the video is slightly NSFW (but not really).

The video is a tongue in cheek pastiche of the often violent tropes that are often found within rap culture. Their mascot and cuddly toy friend Killums is kidnapped by a rival gang, so the pair ascend through a tower block, killing a lot of people to rescue their missing partner. The effects are pretty well done, with deliberate lapses into super fake, “let’s just laugh” territory (such as when Killer Mike throws the clearly a doll old woman across the room).

All in all, it’s a great song and an appropriately amusing video for a pairing that eschews a lot of the tired tropes of the genre. Also, this video proves that EI-P and Killer Mike should star in a buddy action movie together. You heard it here first folks.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Run The Jewels? Do you hate all this rap stuff? Sound off in the comments!

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