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Septekh take on a zombie horde and “Burn It To The Ground”


Sometimes when I watch a music video for a band, you feel like when they were coming up with the concept, they were sitting in a dark room (potentially their mother’s basement for added authenticity) speaking in hushed tones and asking the extremely important question: “What’s more metal than Zombies?”

Honestly, lots of things. Robots, boats, steel bars, iron, copper, bronze, titanium, Robocop, fucking Iron Man, a highrise building, the list goes on. I suppose what I’m getting at is – can we all just get over zombies now?

When Romero thrust them into the limelight, he imbued them with a sense of charm and a startling poignancy, something that has been long since eradicated by countless video games, films and music videos such as this.

See, zombies have become an easy target, and as such have lost everything that made them special in the first place. The fact that a lot of people who claim they are zombie fanatics, but don’t really understanding the meaning or origins of them upsets me (grumble, grumble, get off my lawn). For educational purposes, please read this excellent and informative article written some years ago by Simon Pegg for The Guardian on the subject.

What was it that caused the surge in Zombie love? Serious question, this is a topic I would love to discuss. For me, the thing that really blew it open to the mass market was the introduction of Nazi Zombies into the Call of Duty franchise that really widened the reach of zombies. Suddenly new independent zombie movies that would be relegated to the cult film section of an self-respecting independent DVD store start getting some actual coverage. Then of course, every game in existence started crowbarring in their version of Nazi Zombies in an attempt to capitalize on their insane success. From there it showed no sign of slowing down.

The Walking Dead subsequently took off, and then there was interest enough to make a tv show, albeit one that is a mere pale imitation of the novels, that while under the guidance of Frank Darabont seemed promising and cinematically nourishing, saw a steady decline in quality (but not popularity) as the show switched hands between progressively (regressively?) less experienced showrunners. Marred by a litany of production problems, limitations and restrictions that are painfully visible to the trained eye, make it the little show that could, rather than the behemoth of entertainment it’s trying to be.

I seem to have gone on a tangent – what was I talking about? Ah yes, zombies. Well, it’s clear that the people responsible for crafting the new music vídeo for Septekh are fans of the Nazi zombie variety, as the latest visual celebration of their music consists the band combating a legion of undead pursuers.

Musically, the band play their own brand of deceptively simple, but engaging thrash metal. They’re not a band that are particularly interested in reinventing the wheel, or even providing music that is especially unique, but what they play they do it well.

Burn It To The Ground” sees the band take refuge/play the song in a barn in the middle of a desolated wintry landscape, as the zombies close in on their location. One thing that does make this video more interesting than the standard juxtaposition of footage between the band playing the song and the zombie horde amassing actually play out within the same narrative universe (i.e. There isn’t a story being interrupted by footage of Jeff playing that sweet lick bro), which makes it thoroughly entertaining when the zombies attack the band, causing them to defend themselves while still trying to play the song. Mad props to the drummer for saving the vocalist’s life with a cymbal to the head of a zombie that got too close to comfort.

It’s good that the band were able to have fun with it, but I cant help but view most zombie inclusions as arbitrary. At least they managed to keep their magnificent mustaches in prime condition!

What do you guys think? Is the video any good? Are you sick and tired of zombies too, or should I just shut the fuck up? Sound off in the comments!

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