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Take in “Inner Enemy”, the first wonder from Seventh Wonder’s forthcoming new album

Seventh Wonder 2014

Progressive metal had a great year last year. 2014 got off to a slower start, but has picked up of late with strong Anubis Gate, Serdce, Teramaze, and Mekong Delta albums. However good those albums are, though, they will almost undoubtedly pale in comparison to the new album from Swedish progressive metal masters known as Seventh Wonder.

Their last album, The Great Escape, came out in 2010, and has become one of my favourite progressive metal albums of all time. It combines expert musicianship with oddly ear-friendly songwriting and wonderful vocal melodies. Their new record is quite possibly one of my most anticipated releases for this year. The other day, the band debuted a new song along with a music video.

The new song is called “Inner Enemy” and is pure Seventh Wonder in every way; oozing catchy progressive metal from all pores. It’s a short song – only three and a half minutes long – which is unusual for the band, but that makes no difference; their musical skill still shines through.

Vocalist Tommy Karevik is a fantastic talent. His voice is quite unique, and he has a great range as well. The thing about Seventh Wonder that I have always loved is the fact that they don’t rely on their technical ability to write songs for them. “Inner Enemy” is a short, almost poppy song, and yet is still at home in Seventh Wonder’s discography. The chorus is about as anthemic as you could wish for. I only wish it could be longer.

In terms of the music video portion, there is some vague plot about a surgeon or something. The video is mostly just shots of the band playing with a bunch of smoke around them and shit. Plus, Tommy Karevik is wearing a hat and it looks weird.

As far as I can find, the album is yet unnamed and does not have a release date. I’ll be sure to try and keep you posted when more details come.

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