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Watch Skyharbor’s brand new, Jess Cope-animated video

Skyharbor - Patience video still

When Skyharbor‘s crowdfunding campaign launched earlier this year, they told us all that one of the reasons for asking their fans for a bit of extra moulah was a) to work with Forrester Savell to mix the new record, and b) to tap up animator Jess Cope of Owl House Studios to produce a video for one of the tracks. With the funding goal smashed – they raised 134% of what they needed – both wishes have come true. You’ll have to wait for the full album to hear all of Savell’s work, but the video is now complete.

Pledgers were given the opportunity to see it ahead of schedule yesterday, but it’s now available for the wider world to see:

Until now we’d heard just the one track from it – “Evolution“, which didn’t impress at first, but is growing on me – so it’s nice to get another slice of the pie.

If the video’s style seems familiar, you may have seen some of Jess’ other work, and it should be no surprise as to why Skyharbor wanted to work with her; she’s previously produced videos for Steven Wilson (the emotional “The Raven That Refused To Sing” and “Drive Home“), Devin Townsend (Casualties of Cool‘s “Mountaintop“) and Storm Corrosion (“Drag Ropes“) – all of which you can watch here – and they’re all stunning.

The song and video seem strongly linked; a man takes a light – a symbol of his family’s love, perhaps – out into a grim and scary world, and it saves him from the darkness while Tompkins sings about a “fight for survival”. It seems like the song is closely tied to the album’s title.

However bleak it may be, this is a strong indication of the album’s quality. You should be excited to hear this.

Guiding Lights will be released November 10th via Basick Records.