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Sleepers Awake make it very difficult to write funny titles with their new music video

Sleepers Awake - Transcension

In Transcension, their second album, Ohio-based Sleepers Awake have released one of the most pleasant surprises of the year so far (read our glowing review here). In support of the album, the band have now released a video to accompany the rousing album closer “The Fulcrum“.

Transcension is a cerebral record, so it is also pleasing that a considerable amount of thought has obviously gone into the production of this video. It may seem a little strange for the band to select the album’s closer as their new single release, but “The Fulcrum” is a perfect representation of the many facets of their sound, which is what all singles should be. It’s a deceptively original sound that focuses on subtlety and emotive power, rather than sheer in your face virtuoso playing.

Fittingly, the band have opted to shun the standard ‘band play song in deserted warehouse with moody lightning’ cliche, the video sees the band playing, instead, in some kind of animated woodland clearing. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

The video also carries some kind of sub-plot. The finer meaning of it escapes me at the moment, but it appears to be something akin to the Adam and Eve story, albeit given a couple of Tim Burton-esque plot twists, and with change being the key theme. Transcension by name, transcendent by nature.

The video has to have been produced on a shoestring budget, but you really wouldn’t be able to tell from watching it.
Bigger bands have done far less with far greater resources at their disposal, so considerable praise is due to everyone involved in its production. Check it out below:

What do you guys think? Were you a fan of Transcension? What was your favourite song? Do you appreciate the different style of music video? What do you think it’s about? Sound off in the comments!

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