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Stealing Axion return with fantastic new video

Stealing Axion Lost Awakening video screenshot

It has been a couple of years since we’ve heard anything new from Tacoman trio Stealing Axion. Their debut album Moments was picked up by InsideOut/Century Media, and cemented the promise of their self-titled EP (several tracks from which were included in the album). They’re dark and heavy – their harsh vocals in particular cut several thick degrees of mustard, and can be incredibly cathartic – but the band are also delicate and melodic when they want to be. They’ve a dichotomy that works well for their sound.

A couple of years down the line now, they’ve on the cusp of releasing their new album Aeons – independently this time around – and as a first snapshot they’ve unveiled this fantastic new video for the track “Lost Awakening

The video gets right in the beautiful faces of the three members, who all provide vocals. These sections are really well shot, focusing on their singing with a few noodly bits when the solo hits in the second half of the song.

Contrasting that, there’s a sparse storytelling aspect to it too; following around a seemingly confused, black-cloaked shape – whether it’s even human or not is unclear – as it wanders around a bleak, almost post-apocalyptic landscape. It’s unsettling, but very well done.

The album’s second track, it’s heavy on the groove from the outset. The harmonised clean vocals the kick in after about 45 seconds are really lovely, before guitarist Dan Forbrich smacks you in the face with his weighty roars. Josh DeShazo’s voice in particular is really lovely too; he’s a really talented vocalist, and hopefully this second album will do as well as it deserves.

Aeons is due for release on November 11th, and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp here. Do dat. Do dat right now.