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Brand new Sylosis track goes live

Sylosis - Dormant Heart album artwork

There’s been lots of noise from the Sylosis camp lately. After being almost deathly quiet for a while, the British four-piece have in the space of a month announced a new drummer, named their forthcoming fourth studio album – and today made available the record’s first track for preview, as well as the new art, which is above (duh).

Steady on, lads!

Called simply “Mercy“, the track offers no such thing: it launches into full, thrashy pelt almost without delay; there’s some magnificently groovy work coming from the instruments right off the bat, and the vocals are some of the angriest we’ve heard from frontman Josh Middleton in a while (something the initial press release promised). Have a listen:

Can’t wait already! Middleton said of the track:

“Mercy is the first single off the new album. It’s got a pretty dark and heavy vibe to it but it’s one of the most melodic tracks on the album at the same time. It’s got a big slow, doomy outro with an octave pedal on the guitars so that’s going to rumble some guts live.

For this video, we wanted to keep it dark and claustrophobic. It’s got some of the artwork from the album and inlay illustrated as well which came together really well.”

And it is at that. It’s a simple, effective video and a great tool to get people psyched for the new release.

Dormant Heart will be out in early 2015 through Nuclear Blast, and the album was produced by Middleton with the help of engineer Scott Atkins, and was mastered by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney. Word on the exact date when we have it!

The single is available for download on its own though; get it through these channels:

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