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Intense rapper Tech N9ne collaborates with loved and respected metal star Serj Tankian

Tech N9ne

If the world was run by genre purists we would never see unlikely collaborations occur. Everyone would stay within the narrow confines of their particular subgenre of music, nobody would ever strive to break down genre barriers or evolve their musical output. I realize that that actually sounds like paradise to some people (which is just bizarre to me), but every now and again unlikely collaborations go all out and cross entire genre landscapes. That’s what happened here when the prolific Serj Tankian (of System Of A Down fame)decided to collaborate with shock rapper Tech N9ne on his latest single “Straight Out The Gate“, from Tech N9ne’s latest album Something Else.

The charismatic Algerian native has gone one step further though and actually shot a music video with the enigmatic and aggressive rapper. The verdict? It’s pretty fucking cool!

I’ve always enjoyed Tech N9ne’s particular brand of abrasive and honest rap music, and since he’s been thrust further and further into the limelight his music has changed somewhat. Something Else, embraces his original lyrical and thematical sensibilities, but now enhanced with his new and improved (read: more expensive) sound.

The video itself is a well put together preaching session about the way of the world. Tankian turns up looking rather distinguished and only slightly eccentric, with N9ne understandably hogging the limelight adorned in a variety of extravagant outfits. On the screen behind them we are treated to images of Edward Snowden and other such current events palava. All in all “Straight Out The Gate” doesn’t do anything particularly unique or special, but it does it all so well that you can’t help but love it. The metal riffing that turns up at the end is a pleasant surprise and is definitely the highlight of the track.

Something Else is out now via his Strange Music imprint.

What do you guys think? Do you like this collaboration? Are you a fan of Tech N9ne’s blistering rap? Sound off in the comments!

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