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KEN mode release video for “The Terror Pulse” from last year’s Entrench

KEN mode The Terror Pulse

As you may (or may not) recall, Canadians KEN mode‘s Entrench made my favourite albums of last year. From early on it was a contender, but the more I listened to it, the more I fell in love. It’s no wonder they’ve been nominated for multiple awards, including winning 2012′s inaugural Juno Heavy Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year Award for their previous album Venerable.

Continuing today’s theme of releasing new music videos for ‘old’ albums, we realised that last week KEN mode put out a video for “The Terror Pulse,” one of the first tracks we heard from the album way back in February last year. Check it out:

Yeah, good luck making any sense out of that mate. It starts off sort of logically, with the band getting in what looks like a tour van…but then they blast off into the aether, get attacked by some creature and set on fire, and from there it’s all surreal and a bit LSD to be honest. Lots of cool monsters (check the sky-swimming skeleton near the end, as well as the horizon-filling horse and cowboy), but it’s mostly best to just sit back and enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, KEN mode are again up for a Juno Award this year, which is further testament to how good Entrench is. The ceremony is due to take place on March 30th, and whilst they’re not a dead cert – in a category of some quality – they’ve got a pretty good shout. We’ll probably update you on what happens with that.

They’ve just finished a tour with post-metal trio Russian Circles and Helms Alee, and have nothing planned for the future, but be sure to keep an eye out because they’re a lot of fun. Probably a little while before