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Head deep into the witching hour with TesseracT

TesseracT Nocturne video screen cap

God damn, if TesseracT never stop finding ways to stop impressing me with how good their new vocalist is, it’ll be fine with me.

We’ve banged on again and again about these guys – from our review of their latest album Altered State , to a couple of live reviews we’ve been more than happy to write – and whilst their last video for “Singularity was a little bit…odd…their new one for the track “Nocturne” is a little less softcore porn and a little more Close Encounters, so it’s once again safe to show your mum.

Of course, “Nocturne” was the very first time we heard ‘recently’ installed frontman Ashe O’Hara, but it’s no less potent now; indeed, if anything I think people have grown to appreciate his talents more since hearing the whole of Altered State, and especially if you’ve heard him live, because he does it all live, and pitch perfectly.

So here’s the video, in which a man wakes up in the middle of a corn field:

The ‘story’ is fairly unimportant; what you really want to look at is how superlative the song is, and how epic that wind machine makes them all look in the backlit room they’re performing in. Woot.

TesseracT are currently on tour in North America, supporting Katatonia with Cult Of Luna and Intronaut. Strong lineup that.

In just over a week they’l be finishing that run, and going round for a second go on their own headlining tour with Scale The Summit and Vancouver heavies Ancients. Also a strong lineup.

Both posters are below!

Katatonia Cult Of Luna Intronaut TesseracT tour poster TesseracT Scale The Summit Ancients tour poster Chris