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British rock band The More I See shoot video on old Star Wars set. Why?!

The More I See

Just two weeks ago we were talking about how Earache Records have made a conscious effort to try and garner more widespread attention (read: money) with bands like The Browning and Eskimo Callboy. Well, it turns out they also deal in the realm of mainstream rock as we discovered recently with British rock group The More I See, who have a joint record label deal with both Earache Records and Century Media Records; two relatively respectable metal labels.

After listening to the song several times we can tell you literally nothing about it, other than the fact that it basically sounds like Breaking Benjamin without any semblance of originality or creativity. That’s fine too; after all, there’s a ton of inoffensive mainstream radio rock out there. No harm, no foul. So why are we writing about this?

They’ve just released a new music video for a track called “The Eye That Offends“. It’s their first ever music video, so it’s a pretty big event for them. That’s cool, but again, why do we care? Well, you see they actually travelled all the way to Tunisia and filmed the video on the unused Tatooine/Luke Skywalker’s home set from the original Star Wars film. What?

It’s always worrying when a press release for a band spends almost all of its duration describing the band and the video, without mentioning what the actual music sounds like. Not even a single misplaced use of “electrifying” or “powerful”. Nothing. Nada. The video was shot with Phil Berridge of Creative Junkie Media and the frontman of the band James Cluer had this to say about it:

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I’m a massive fan of Star Wars, so to visit Tunisia and film at some of the greatest film locations ever was really special. It was such an incredible experience to perform at the mighty canyons of the Jundland Wastes (‘Episode IV: A New Hope’), where Luke Skywalker and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO first meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as the city of Mos Espa (‘Episode I: The Phantom Menace‘), and especially Luke Skywalker’s home – Lars homestead (‘Episode IV: A New Hope‘). It was a childhood dream of mine to see the igloo, and to get to film there with the sun setting behind us was something I’ll never forget!

Again, absolutely no mention of their music. I suppose what confuses me about all of this is – do fans of this style of music actually care? Filming your music video on the set of Star Wars looks kinda cool, and there will also be something for the geeks that happen to see it, because let’s face it, the song’s not about Star Wars. That would be too geeky and would risk alienating members of the mainstream market.

The Monolith writes about music and film. That’s because nerds of one usually intersect with nerds of the other. We’re all nerds. Does the fact that a mainstream generic rock band was given enough money to go to Tunisia to shoot a pointless as fuck video do anything but make your stomach turn when you just think how that money could have been better spent? Does it make the music any more enticing for you?

Basically, I think that anyone that likes this kind of music is probably not all that into Star Wars with more than a passing or casual interest. Maybe I’m wrong.

The point I’m trying to make is, this video shoot was clearly concocted by a marketing guy who thinks he’s far cleverer than he actually is, and all he’s done here is completely failed to understand the audience that they’re shooting for and wasted a ton of money. Nonsense.

I’d tell you when the album’s due out but you don’t actually care.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY?! WHY?! Why? Why? Sound off in the comments!

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