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What does yellowism mean to you? Who is the hottest member in The Safety Fire? Who’s got the moves?

The Safety Fire Yellowism screen cap

A few weeks ago, London tech-metal band The Safety Fire released a new video for the song “Red Hatchet, from their forthcoming new album Mouth Of Swords. It’s been on frequent rotation ever since because it’s an absolutely fantastic song, and in the wake of 2012′s incredible Grind The Ocean, it’s safe to say the new record it shaping up well.

Further evidence has been presented today with another new video, this time for the track “Yellowism“, which is track three from the album.

Beginning by asking a man “what does yellowism mean to you?”, it soon descends into normal TSF shenanigans, with subtitled questions being asked to the public about the members of the band, and answers being attributed to them that they’re clearly not actually saying – idiot head…

There’s a bunch of studio footage again as well, which is nothing extraordinary, but their sense of humour and refusal to take themselves seriously is infectious, and one of the biggest selling points of the group – after the music of course.

Vocalist Sean McWeeny has developed into one of my favourite British vocalists. He can hit a massive variety of notes with ease, his vocal melodies are fresh and interesting, and his scream is distinctive, if not traditionally “brutal”. It suits the band’s tone, which is technical but of high register, leading to a super-crisp sound.

Back to the video, we couldn’t actually tell you what ‘yellowism’ is, but apparently the video is it:

Mouth Of Swords is due out September 2nd through eOne Music, and will feature a guest spot from Between The Buried And Me vocalist Tommy Rogers on track 4, “Beware The Leopard (Jagwar)“.

The Safety Fire are embarking on a short UK tour at the beginning of September with fellow Londoners Zoax. Catch it if you can!