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Things get a little Dexter in the new Twelve Foot Ninja video

Twelve Foot Ninja Ain't That A Bitch video screen cap

Be kind to one another, or TFN will get you

Trolls, man. We’ve all come across them, and most likely felt a little aggrieved in the general area of the butt over their anonymity-maliciousness. The question is: how do you deal with them?

For Aussies Twelve Foot Ninja, the answer is a little extreme, if not more than a little entertaining, as shown in their brand new video for “Ain’t That A Bitch,” the fourth song from 2012′s Silent Machine to get the filmic treatment.

The band actually set up a crowdfunding campaign for this one, because they wanted to make something a bit more “epic.” Bigger scope = bigger budget, so they asked fans to contribute:

The topic is obviously one they feel some ire about. As the campaign literature states:

“Internet trolls aka keyboard warriors: their cyber bullying pollutes the Internet with the primary objective of bringing people down. We, Twelve Foot Ninja, are embarking on an ambitious music video project to play out the most extreme, fantastical retaliation story we could conjure! Aiding us in combating this contentious issue: U.S band Periphery, a 7ft stuffed brown bear and a Penthouse model (to name just a few).”

Here it is:

Periphery III: this time it’s a cameo

Trolls are a bit annoying, but the course of action seems a bit extreme, and the message distorted. The final line “be kind to one another” is diluted by the brutal evisceration and cannibalism of the troll – or anyone who says anything negative – just moments before – a sort of “one standard for you, another for us.” Might have been classier to rise above it, and spend $52,600 on something more substantial than a cheap laugh?

Still, it’s a very well-executed video. We’d like to see where the entire budget was distributed, as that’s a lot of dosh for six minutes of music video, but for all intents and purposes, “mission accomplished.”