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Unkind unleash a new music video to celebrate tour announcement with KEN Mode


Finnish hardcore heroes Unkind have been making waves as of late. Their sixth studio album Pelon Juuret is a ferocious slab of meaty, savage hardcore that proves the band are more than capable of keeping up with the rest of Relapse Records more traditionally death metal and grindcore infused roster. Not only that, but they’ve recently just announced that they will be heading out on an enormous European tour with the progressive hardcore wizards KEN Mode. Saku, the drummer of Unkind had this to say about the tour:

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We’re very excited to hit the road with KEN mode. They have a very powerful sound and their progressive edge and chaotic atmosphere are a perfect match for Unkind.

To celebrate and capitalize on this announcement, the band have released a new music video to promote the merits of Pelon Juuret, this time for the song “Olemisen Pelko” (Translation: “Fear Of Being“). The song itself fits their chaotic sonic blueprint, combining dissonant melodies with fearsome low end rumble, scorched vocals and a surprising amount of hook-laden riffs to make the music more palpable.

The video accompaniment takes the form of a compilation of clips, some from the band’s own live show and others reels of news footage depicting various political or religious happenings. Essentially, it’s another anti establishment music video that  overlays multiple images on each other to convey a disorientated and corrupt picture of the world. Is it just me or is it strange to see a band standing there so awfully still while they’re playing such vibrant and energetic music?

Saku also commented on their new music video:

“It’s a montage made by our machinist Pekka depicting the overall theme of the song. An observation of people searching for comfort, something to keep their fear of being and dying at bay – whether through political or spiritual movements, or even consumerism, no matter how meaningless it will ultimately be”.

Pelon Juuret is out now via Relapse Records.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Unkind’s music? Have you already picked up your copy of Pelon Juuret? Are you tired of these type of music videos?

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