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Visions show the day job who’s boss

Visions These Days screen cap

For anyone who’s ever worked a shitty job; for anyone who’s sat from 9-5, five days a week at a computer punching numbers; for anyone who spends all day serving thankless customers and taking abuse; for all the tech-support types, street sweepers, burger flippers and baristas…this video is for you.

Peterborough’s Visions have been around for five years now. Playing an acerbic brand of tech metal for the majority of that time, they have returned on the anniversary of their inception to release a celebratory new single and video called “These Days“, which takes aim at working for the man and the futility you can often feel at the rut you find yourself in.

“We give all our time for nothing more than a simple raise”

As far as the information we’ve got goes, this is just a one-off, and not a lead-in to a new record in particular, but the few songs we caught of their UK Tech-Metal Fest set (before having to pop off to do interviews, rather than lack of interest!) including this one, if memory serves – indicate something of a new direction for the band, which is certainly in keeping with the theme of the video, which sees the guys taking their frustrations out on the instruments of their entrapment in a scene which pays homage to that iconic printer beatdown scene from Office Space.

The video was both poignant and also quite funny (some of guitarist Dan Maywood’s facial expressions are hilarious), so whilst the topic is quite serious, it’s nice to know the band can still have fun.

The tune itself is definitely a step in a new direction, particularly from their debut album Home, which came out in 2010 through Basick Records. There’s more of a post-hardcore type feel to it, punctuated by the more liberal use of cleans from frontman Daniel Bareford. I like it. I think they can do well with this style, and look forward to the next release.

If you like what you hear, you can download the track for however much you’d like to pay at the band’s Bandcamp!

The guys are due to play the Uk Tech-Fest-related Techabilitaion show in south London this November along with Meta-Stasis, Nexilva and a host of others at Croydon’s Scream Lounge. Make sure to check that out if you can!