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Studio playthrough of new Visions track featuring Mike Malyan on drums

Visions - Korma single

I’m not gonna lie; the name of this new song from Peterborough trio Visions - “Korma” – struck me as a little odd at first, but then again when you really think about it, most names are odd.

Apparently the song’s original demo name was “Korma Kormeleon“, alluding to singer Daniel “Boff” Bareford’s inability to handle any spicy food – even anything as mild as Ginster’s peppered steak, and of course the  korma.

The band have been somewhat quiet this year. There was a music video for the extremely cathartic “These Days” in October, but having lost guitarist Dan Maywood in the meantime, as well as drummer Joe Large before that, it’s completely understandable.

Thankfully they have friends who are more than competent, and it’s one of these they’ve tapped up to guest on “Korma“: Mike Malyan of Monuments and The Algorithm fame.

Mike normally runs in very different circles, but puts his skills to good use here, showing his versatility behind the kit, and he meshes well with Visions, who I’ve always felt were strong songwriters deserving of a bigger fanbase.

The track heads into the newer territory they’ve forged into lately. Much like fellow (former) tech-metallers Chronographs, but not as drastically so, Visions have begun to drop more and more cleans into their work, and it’s working wonders. The technical aspect is still very tasty – Jake Monson is doing more than just fine as the sole dedicated guitarist – but the melody adds a nice aspect, and they’re rather good at it.

There’s a brilliant down-tempo section around 1:50 that sees some nice work from bassist Dave Evans, with Malyan working the cymbals and Boff dropping back into cleans, before a big, riffy break. It’s nicely punctuated by Dave eating a bit of korma.

Anyway, enough waffle; check it out below, and pick up the single from Bandcamp here!