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Voyager debut brand new video for “Hyperventilating

Voyager V

So far, this year has not seen the massive amount of excellent prog that we were gifted last year, but there are a few bands that are doing their damn best to change that. One of those is Voyager from Perth, Australia, who play a more direct, less complex style of progressive power metal, built on heavier riffs and guitar melodies rather than complicated song structures. They have released four albums so far, with 2011′s The Meaning of I getting quite a bit of good reception. Now they are readying the release of their fifth full length album, which will be titled V. Over the weekend, the band debuted a song and a video for that song.

The new song is titled “Hyperventilating” and is quite a driving and muscular bit of heavy and melodic prog metal. The introductory keyboard tone gives it a more sci-fi futuristic sort of feeling, and the guitar tone in the main guitar riff does the same. That main riff is quite heavy, lurching around like some kind of giant robot. The chorus is mindbogglingly catchy, and its dark mood is wonderfully emotive in contrast to the heavier parts.

The guitar and keyboard solos are also quite good, but there’s something about the production is bothering me a little bit. The guitar tone feels a little tinny, and the vocals seem like they’re missing a dynamic edge to them. I like the futuristic feel overall though, and the drums have a great sound. Slightly unpleasant tone aside though, the guitars are really clear and each note is separate from each other.

There isn’t much to say about the video. It is just the band playing the song in a red shadowed room, with some green-screen type effects going on behind them. It’s pretty standard, not really all that interesting.

V will be released on June 2nd through IAV Records.

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