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Chimaira’s new video for “Wrapped In Violence” goes hard

Chimaira Wrapped In Violence video screen cap

“Life is chaos wrapped in violence!”

Legitimately, the first thought I had whilst watching the brand new video for Chimaira‘s “Wrapped In Violence” was “wow, these guys actually look dead hard.” It’s not normally the kind of thing that impresses me, but something about the attitude, absolute Aberdeen Angus beefery of the song, the black-metal-esque scenery, and the distinct lack of having two fucks to rub together combine to make the video pretty menacing. Check it out:

The intro is actually fairly bland – it’s fat chugging to the max – but it’s thick and juicy, and there are hidden subtleties added in along the way to really flesh out the song. The influence of Dååth guitarist Emil Werstler is clear, and welcome, whilst fellow Dååth member Sean Zatorsky adds keys and some beardy backing vocals to the mix. Everything just sounds big, and whilst not being particularly clever, it’s wildly satisfying.

The video is mostly black and white, although Werstler’s solo breaks us into colour with a neat sort of mandala/kaleidoscope effect. Vocalist Mark Hunter looks mean as all fuck too.

Chimaira kick off their North American tour tonight at The Palladium in Worcester, MA, with Oceano, Iwrestledabearonce, Fit for An Autopsy and Reflections supporting. Full dates on their website if you’re interested and haven’t got tickets yet!

About a week after that finishes, they’ll be right over to Europe with Dyscarnate on a run which will take in Takedown Festival amongst other things. We’ll be previewing that sexy bitch within the next few weeks, so consider this a teaser of what to expect.