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Late video from Gojira’s last album L’Enfant Sauvage

Gojira - Born In Winter screen cap

When this first popped up, I thought Gojira were starting their next album cycle. Alas, no joy; this new video from the band is in fact the latest (and probably last) promotional item for the band’s 2012 album L’Enfant Sauvage. Is that a shame? Sure. Is there much point to this? Maybe, but probably not.

The song is “Born In Winter” and is L’Enfant Sauvage‘s penultimate track, and it feels pretty climactic as such. It’s one of the record’s shortest tracks, but it feels packed with brooding majesty and grandeur. the slow-tapped guitar line that makes up much of the track is more a background device, or at least on equal footing with the atmosphere created by the bass. The mid-to-late riffing as the band amp up the energy is well structured, and the vocals add some nice weight to the concluding half of the song. It’s not what we’re used to from Gojira at any rate

But come one, you know what anyway. It’s the video you’re here for:

It’s very pretty isn’t it? What exactly is going on is unclear, but it feels very TesseracT-y; all geometric shapes combined with naturalistic themes.

What you probably want to know is what’s happening with new Gojira material, and more specifically the Sea Shepherd EP. Well, they’ve never been the kind of band that releases like clockwork every two years, but Joe Duplantier did say in an interview with Bloody Disgusting late last year that they didn’t want to wait the four years they did between The Way Of All Flesh and L’Enfant Sauvage. Indeed, all the material is written and would really just need re-recording and tapping up the guest vocals, but Gojira are busy men and apparently this isn’t a priority, which is fair enough.

Here’s the one song they did do, with Devin Townsend, called “Of Blood and Salt.” It’ll have to tide you over for now!