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Watain unveil yet another new song from The Wild Hunt

Watain All That May Bleed

I’m really not a fan of Watain. I find them to be a poor representation of black metal, embodying all the bad stereotypes of the genre, with regard to image over music, the obsession with darkness, and the silly stage show gimmicks, while showing none of the better aspects.

Their early material is worth checking out, and I even enjoyed seeing them live last year, but somewhere along the way they lost me as a studio band – and yet, here I am, writing a post for the new song premiered from their upcoming new album, The Wild Hunt. How did this happen?

The last song they released from the new album, “All That May Bleed“,  failed to impress me in any way, being lifeless and lacking any of the dark conviction that one would generally expect from a band such as Watain,and sporting some pretty silly lyrics.

The new song, “The Child Must Die” fares a little better. It goes a bit more in the melodic black metal direction that bands like Dissection perfected and Watain followed. This isn’t a lyric video, so I can’t tell if the lyrics are as laughable as the last song, but the music is definitely a bit better. There is a pretty neat guitar solo section, and I found myself humming along to the lead melodies a couple times.

As we mentioned in our last post about the band, it does seem as if they’ve lost their true ideological compass, and are having trouble with their identity as a more popular band, but this new song is a good sign that they might not be washed up just yet. It certainly doesn’t quite have the same feel as Casus Luciferi, but it is not as bad as it could be.

And credit where credit is due: that album art work is really cool.

The Wild Hunt will be released on August 19th in Europe and a day later in North America on Century Media Records.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of what’s been released so far? Do you think we’re too harsh on Watain? Sound off in the comments!

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