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Beware the black ice that is Hoth’s new track “The Unholy Conception”


Hailing from Seattle, Washington, and playing a blend of extreme and blackened metal, Hoth - whose sound resembles that of Dissection and Immortal - are set to release their second full-length album, Oathbreaker next month.

Aside from taking their name from the fictional ice planet in the Star Wars universe, their logo is equally awesome, with the design made out to look like a TIE bomber – how cool is that? The name suits them well though, as their music is steeped in an icy blackness that is sure to freeze your blood and crack your bones.

Since the release of Infinite Darkness back in 2012, the band have sought to continue their unforgiving sound, this time with a themed album; a journey of sorts that slowly progresses from hopefulness to utter despair. The band had this to say about Oathbreaker:

“The album is supposed to take you on a journey; the beginning sounds a little more hopeful and heroic with only a hint of the taint of evil and corruption, and as you listen you are thrust deeper and deeper into the depths of despair. The album only grows more sinister and cold as you listen. So hopefully that gives you an idea of what the rest could sound like.”

The album itself sounds very promising, and if “The Unholy Conception” is any indication, it will capture the very essence of extreme/black metal. Clocking in at seven minutes and twenty-two seconds, the song displays a nice array of riffs, double bass, crooning vocals, and even an acoustic melody that adds a touch of warmth in what is an overly bleak track. Not to mention, the album art, which was painted by Dusty Peterson, seems to convey the album’s tone and feel with a visually stunning and haunting piece.

You can listen to the new song below, and if you dig it, Oathbreaker is now available for pre-order via the band’s Bandcamp page. It’s out on May 20th. Get stoked and stay grim!

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