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Mutiny Within - Mutiny Within 2 Synchronicity

[12th January 2013]

1. Embers
2. In My Veins
3. In A Moment
4. Falls To Pieces
5. Machines
6. Never
7. Become
8. Lights
9. Balance
10. Life To Dust
11. Signs
12. The Unsaid


It’s been three years since the self-titled debut of New Jersey act Mutiny Within, but they’re finally back and have returned to true form with their latest full length album, Mutiny Within 2 – Synchronicity. With their past internal struggles and misfortunes with being dropped from Roadrunner Records, this album has breathed new life back into a band that was believed to be dead. Synchronicity doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, but it does bring a familiar formula that has matured tremendously. While this album’s sound does become rather predictable, it also brings a slew of melodious hooks that are sure to make any pair of ears take notice.

Above all else, Synchronicity is catchy. There are plenty of riffs to keep your head bobbing, while soaring clean vocals will make you want to sing at the top of your lungs (or as loudly as you can inside your head if you happen to be in a public setting). What’s ultimately the success of album, however, aren’t the riffs and vocals standing out apart from each other but rather how they synergize or synchronize, if you will. The catchiness of each riff is reinforced, even strengthened by the overwhelmingly powerful vocals and vice-versa. Some of the album’s finer tracks like “Falls To Pieces,” “Become,” and “Lights” are good examples of this synergy. As a result, the musical compositions, despite their simplicity, are very well done and are ultimately what holds Synchronicity together as a whole.

On the downside, Synchronicity synchronizes perhaps a little too much since most of the tracks will start to sound extremely similar by the half-way point of the album. It’s not that these similar sounding tracks are necessarily bad, it’s just that they don’t offer anything new from the other stand out tracks on the album. Metalcore-esque verses are often invoked with the heavier faster riffage while the clean vocals take command of the hard rock like choruses. This is my biggest criticism of the album because Mutiny Within is clearly very talented. The expectations of greatness are certainly there for this band but not all songs meet that standard on this album, unfortunately. Another small, nitpicky criticism has to do with the production. Some songs fade out way too fast and as a result break up the better flow this album could’ve had. Longer fade outs with a few tracks, although subtle changes, would’ve greatly improved the listening experience.

Mutiny Within certainly has nothing to be ashamed of with Synchronicity. If anything, they should be rejoicing that they returned after three years in this fashion. Being comprised of catchy harmonized guitar riffs and beautifully operatic clean vocals, the compositions are extremely well done. Even though they will start to blend together after listening to the album for a little while, they will certainly be stuck in your head. This album reminds me of when I was making the transition between hard rock and metal. Synchronicity creates an appropriate bridge between these two genres and will perhaps bring you back to a time when you were crossing that bridge yourself.


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