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“The forest dies” around Myrkur

Myrkur 2015

Differing slightly from most OMBM projects in a genre dominated by men, Myrkur is the creative work of one Amalie Bruun, a Danish musician whose eponymous 2014 EP gained attention in some circles for being a fresh interpretation of the second wave style of black metal.

A few singles followed, and finally Amalie is about ready to release the much-anticipated debut full length album M via Relapse Records, who were shrewd enough to sign Myrkur to a deal well before her last EP.

In advance of the August release, they have kindly premiered a first look at new material from the upcoming album. The new song is titled “Skogen Skulle Do

Skogen Skulle Do” is an interesting beast of a song. Mystical female choral parts moves into a section that almost feels like Cult of Fire, or even something Czech composer Bedrich Smetana might have written (in fact, it’s very reminiscent of his composition “Ma Vlast“).

The black metal elements here are very understated – it’s much more folky and classically influenced, and the vocals are floaty and shrouded in mystique, becoming even more so once the distorted guitars drop away into a more atmospheric, soundtrack-esque environment. The combination of black metal, traditional folk music, and classical elements is really speaking to me.

The album was produced by none other than Garm of Ulver, and features guest appearances from members of Mayhem, Nidingr, and Arch Enemy. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, then nothing will.

Skogen Skulle Do” can also be streamed at the band’s Bandcamp page, where you can also hear two more songs from the album, both of which do nothing but excite me even more for this upcoming release.

M will be released on August 21st through Relapse Records, and is available for pre-order now.

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