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Brummy grindcore quartet Napalm Death are currently carving their way across North America in support of their newest record Utilitarian, along with thrash metal Virginians Municipal Waste and death metal old timers Exhumed. It’s a tour package with a lot of history and experience between them to say the least, and it’s a long old tour too – the remaining dates alone will take them up to and including Barge To Hell from December 3rd – 7th, in Florida (minus Exhumed, on that one).

The trek also has a number of different opening bands, including the charmingly titled Dayglo Abortion, who join them for four dates from Monday. Beyond that are stints with Attitude Adjustment and Speedwolf.

I’m not a great grindcore fan, so I can’t offer any in-depth critique that I won’t feel will be judged by our own Grindfather, Orthodoxyn, but I’ve heard a number of good things from people in the know about Utilitarian, so I will merely leave you with the new video for ‘Everyday Pox‘, which was released just yesterday. It’s your basic live footage video, but with overlaid imagery. I’ve seen the band live before once, but it was peculiar, due to them supporting Glassjaw, which was an odd mix, so from a personal perspective it’s interesting to see them playing to a more appreciative audience.

Utilitarian is out now on Century Media. Dates will be in our awesome and ever-growing events calendar this weekend no doubt, as I plan to spend a good chunk of Saturday morning adding them and a whole bunch of others in!