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Napoleon 2016

Napoleon had to cancel their appearance at last year’s Tech Fest, but stepped up to the plate as the weekend’s first headliner on Early Bird Thursday, playing the Hands On Printing Stage right as the attendees were well into their potential ninth hour of on-sit drinking. We caught up with Wes and Sam to talk trading Dozer, getting stranded at the side of the road in Czech Republic for five days, and accidental piglicide…

Wes: Hello, what’s up, my name is Wes, and I’m the vocalist of Napoleon, and I have a weird thing for dogs, but in a good way…because they’re great. I really like dogs. I just want to put that out there.

Sam: I’m Sam, I play guitar in Napoleon, and I chopped my finger off once.

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Who should be the next Prime Minister?

Wes: Fucking hell, we could literally be here all day. No one in the Houses Of Parliament. Someone that’s not even from politics, at this rate. Someone that’s actually got a brain. They should just put an animal in charge, honestly. I could just rant on for ages, but I’m not going to, because it’ll get too serious. So, I’m just going to say, I don’t know, yeah fuck it, we’ll go with Russell Brand. Actually, no! Rick Flair! He should be Prime Minister (laughs).

Best thing about being in a band?

Sam: Get to see the world.

Wes: Travelling, yep.

Worst thing?

Wes: Being broke, depending on how big you are.

Sam: Yeah, being broke.

Craziest thing?

Sam: People’s reactions to our music.

Wes: Yeah, people listening to lyrics you write in their bedroom all across the world.

Best tour story?

Sam: My favourite tour was the one we did with Intonation, Wes’ old band, which was how we met.

Wes: Yeah, that was how we met each other, so that was pretty cool.


Sam: For us, we crashed a van in 2013, and got stranded at the side of the road in Czech Republic for five days, and we had to figure out how to get home, so that was definitely the worst.

Wes: Good times (sarcastically)

Napoleon Tech Fest 2016 - Sam Osborn - Evie Murphy

Wes: (laughs) We’re so boring!

Sam: Nothing really springs to mind.

Wes: I have a bunch, but they’re far too x-rated to tell.

Sam: A few years ago, we accidentally ran through a group of like six baby pigs, and they went flying everywhere.

Wes Did you really?!

Sam: Yeah.

Wes: (laughs hysterically) That’s not funny at all!

Sam: The cars behind us stopped, picked them up, put them in their boot and then drove off.

(Awkward silence….broken by Wes trying to suppress laughter).

Wes: Really?! Why haven’t I heard that before?

Sam: Chris was driving, and he just hit them. Yeah, it’s not cool, but it’s kinda fucked up.

Wes: It’s not cool at all! I’m a vegetarian, that is minging…that’s hilarious though.

If you could trade a band member for someone famous, who would it be?

Wes: Dozer for Ryan Gosling.

Sam: Dozer for Jonah Hill.

Wes: Always Dozer (laughs) That’s so funny!

Sam Osborn. Photo by Evie Murphy

Song association! Funeral?

Wes: Aphex Twin – “Avril 14th“. That’s a very deep and sad song, that would really suit a funeral.

Any others?

Wes: Brian Eno – “An Ending (Ascent)“, or anything by Hammock.

Your wedding?

Wes: Will Smith, The 1975, and some generally cheesy shit like R Kelly.

Your Birthday?

Wes: Craig David - “Fill Me In”, “What’s Your Flavour?” (Laughs). Drake. That’s not very metal of me, is it?

Napoleon UK Tech Fest 2016 - Wes Thompson - Evie Murphy

Wes Thompson. Photo by Evie Murphy


Wes: Come on Sam, help me out here!

Sam: I really don’t know many songs.

Wes: I don’t know man…

Sam: Katy Perry.

Wes: Yeah, that’ll do.


Sam: Black Tongue.

Wes: Yeah, I was listening to the new Acacia Strain. The Hills Have Eyes, Kublai Kahn, anything by them really.


Wes: I need to get my iTunes library out. Got plenty of those bad boys on here, because I’m a bloody big emo.

Sam: (Laughs)

Wes: Turnover – “Cutting My Fingers Off“. That’s a sad song, in my eyes. It’s not that sad, it’s all about perspective really. Oh no, I do have a sad song! Balance and Composure, it’s called “Enemy“. Boom.


Wes: What would I want to dance to right now? Justin Bieber. Anything by Bieber.


Sam: Scary?

Wes: There’s some stuff by Aphex Twin that’s super scary, like the Selected Ambient Works Volume II stuff is just…I can’t even listen to them because they’re so creepy.


Wes: Hans Zimmer. Anything by that guy is always epic.

Sam: Machine Head – “Halo“.

Wes: Machine Head?! (laughs)

Sam: That’s the first thing that sprung to mind.

Wes: You actually had an answer!

Sam: It’s fucking epic dude.

Thanks guys!

Wes: No problem, thanks!

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