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Necronomicon (CAN) Celebrate The Rise Of The Elder Ones!

Necronomicon - Rise Of The Elder Ones

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky 1200 people aboard the Barge To Hell, an excellent cruise ship event around the Bahamas, focused almost exclusively on extreme metal. Beautiful weather, luxury food and settings, with great fucking music, what more could you want?!

One of the weird parts of the trip though, was the inclusion of two very different bands that unfortunately share the same name. Now, it’s not always the best for any event to have two bands on the bill with the same name, let alone a name like Necronomicon! You’d have to try pretty hard to “accidentally” fuck up by putting two bands called Necronomicon on the same bill, but apparently the guys behind Barge To Hell were able to! Also, the cruise had a place where there were designated meet and greet times with all of the bands. Each band would be paired with another and a genius in the scheduling department decided to pair the two of them together, you know, just in case someone really wanted to meet Necronomicon, but didn’t know what time to attend.

To clear this up right now, because it took a little figuring out when people were there. One of them is a thrash metal band from Germany that have been active since 1984, and the other is a blackened death metal from Canada that have been active since 1988. Today, we’re going to talk about the latter, so when I say “Necronomicon”, assume that’s who I’m talking about.

Necronomicon have been around in the metal industry for 25 years now, and yet they’ve stayed relatively under the radar considering their age. Put it this way, when I arrived on the cruise I assumed that the two bands would be a couple of groups of young jokers, not aged and experienced local metal legends of many years. Because thrash isn’t my preferred metal genre, I found myself enjoying the bleaker sound of the Canadian trio. Signed to Season Of Mist Records, Necronimicon are releasing their fourth album, entitled Rise Of The Elder Ones today!

If you’re a fan of blackened death metal then this release is likely to tick all the boxes for you. The band deftly master the homogenization between strong, sharp death metal riffs and punishing groove, whilst also working in the more emotional and ethereal qualities associated with black metal. Rise Of The Elder Ones is an exceptionally well paced album, just when you feel like you need a break, the band provide it with some stunning and sublime interludes that really help bring a sense of dynamics to proceedings. Listen to the stream below and make your own mind up!

Rise Of The Elder Ones is out now!

What do you guys think? Is this your kind of music? Do you prefer thrash or blackened death metal? Do you have any funny stories about similar named bands on concert bills? Will you buy this record? Sound off in the comments!

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