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The Chariot Forget screenshot

The Chariot are one of those bands everybody should try to see once in their life, if only to say that they’ve witnessed the unbridled madness that is one of their concerts. I’ve seen things, both in person and recorded, that take the crown for just about the most care-free liberties there are to take with both your equipment and your own body – and are probably only rivaled by The Dillinger Escape Plan in terms of on-stage stunts. We’re talking the usual stage dives, through mid-air instrument swapping and right up to playing on the roof of a house.

Anyone who’s seen them before will no doubt be unsurprised by the new video for the track “Forget“, which featured on last year’s One Wing, the band’s fifth studio album. Filmed during their set on October 24th at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA, on the For Today tour, it shows a customary disregard for personal safety as the band leave nothing in the tank. I’m sure there may have been some lackluster shows for them in the past, but I haven’t seen any.

I’m not sure what the band’s current bassist situation is, after longtime (which is saying something, with only vocalist and founding member Josh Scogin remaining after eight years) bassist John “KC Wolf” Kindler moved on to pastures more biblical last summer, but it doesn’t seem to have made one iota of difference.

Long live The Chariot.

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