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Man Of Steel Theme Will Get You Inspired

Man Of Steel Poster

It’s always a welcome deviation when I’m able to write a post that fits perfectly between our two categories; film and music. Iron Man 3 is the first big blockbuster of the year, opening to strong reviews (check back later today to read our review) and incredible box office success. Next month DC & Warner Brothers will release their new Superman reboot, Man Of Steel, a film that has an immense weight placed upon it. Not only is it trying to reinvigorate a character for modern audiences, but the fate of a potential DC movie universe rests squarely on his broad shoulders.

The third trailer for the movie was truly special, and despite my genuine hatred of the comic book character, I find myself enthusiastic to see what the collaboration between Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan has cooked up with the Superman mythos. Of course, one of the most iconic features of the earlier Superman films was that of John Williams‘ iconic score, a theme that regardless of your opinion of Superman, you’d be hard pressed not to know. This would put the composer of a new Superman film in a very unenviable position, with very few being capable of rising to the challenge. Luckily, Man Of Steel brought on board another legend in his own right, Mr Hans Zimmer.

Zimmer is no stranger to comic book movies, having already worked on Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and crafting a truly memorable soundtrack that really helped to bolster the impact of Nolan’s Batman, even sometimes going so far as to overpower the visual elements of the films.

We have here the full track of what is believed to be the main theme to the new Superman soundtrack, fittingly titled “An Ideal Hope“, it’s the track that has been featured heavily in a lot of the trailers and promotional material for the film. It’s truly amazing how a 3 minute piece of music can perfectly encapsulate a character. The song’s slow build really helps define the character and the drama that he is likely to face in this particular incarnation. In 3 minutes, Zimmer is able to tell the story of a young boy struggling to come to terms with his place in the world, all the way up to his adult self, providing all the bombast that you would expect from a super powered alien that is likely smashing General Zod and his Kryptonian army through the stratosphere. This is an extremely powerful and successful piece of music. Sure, it’s perhaps not instantly memorable like the iconic Williams’ score, but I honestly find the emotional power inherent within “An Ideal Hope” to be a little more gripping on a dramatic level. Either way, it makes me even more excited for the final product. Hopefully Zimmer is able to maintain this level of quality throughout the entire soundtrack.

What do you guys think? Is this a worthy replacement to the original William’s rendition? Is Hans Zimmer the John Williams of the 21st Century? Is the theme weak for you? Sound off in the comments!

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