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65daysofstatic shine a Wild Light on their new track

65daysofstatic - Wild Light

I’ve been a bit out of the loop for the past few years as far as Sheffield quartet 65daysofstatic go. I adored their 2004 debut album The Fall Of Math – an instrumental post-rock concept album centred around the aftermath of an apocalyptic event – but for some reason I never followed through much with the later records, and so it’s taken until now, in the run-up to their fifth studio full-length, to re-ingratiate myself with them.

What sparked it was the premiere of their new song “Prisms“, which came with a simply presented but effective little video; essentially a heart monitor-esque graph following the music. The music itself is undeniably 65dos; atmospheric, keening and littered with electronic samples and glitchy effects.

I’ve always gotten a strong melancholy feeling from Yorkshire foursome. Post-rock is of course known for its lack of vocals, and it takes a special kind of band to make up for this absence by keeping the music interesting, which 65daysofstatic more than manage.

There’s not much information on which to go at the moment, but what we do have is the tracklisting; eight tracks as standard, with a ninth a bonus for the digipack.

01. Heat Death Infinity Splitter
02. Prisms
03. The Undertow
04. Blackspots
05. Sleepwalk City
06. Taipei
07. Unmake The Wild Light
08. Safe Passage
09. Destructivist (Digipack Bonus Track)

To be fair, the album was only announced at the very end of last month, so things are moving fairly quickly, however they have actually been playing new material live – this video of track 5, “Sleepwalk City“, filmed at Tramlines Festival about a week before the announcement - showcasing the music is just as powerful in person. They obviously have an effect on people, as their last record Silent Running was very successfully crowdfunded – smashing their initial $7500 by more than threefold – and ensuring Wild Light is on many post-rock fans’ radars.

The band is currently on tour across the UK with Sleepmakeswaves, and Wild Light is due out on September 16th through Superball Records. Very interesting prospect.


Wild Light