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Portlandian veterans unveil new track from forthcoming album The Serpent & The Sphere

Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere album art

The very first entry in our big 2014 preview article, at the time of writing there wasn’t much by way of detail on Oregonos Agalloch‘s next record at time of writing. They had teased after a hometown show in October that 2014 would see a new release, and low and behold, at the end of January they had announced its title (The Serpent & The Sphere) and set May as the release date.

It will be their first full-length in four years – 2010′s Marrow Of The Spirit being the last – so fans will likely be clamouring for this. May is obviously still a little way off yet, but they’ve not let that slow them down, as today they previewed the album with a seven-minute track called “Celestial Effigy.” It takes a bit of digesting, so take a few spins then join me on the other side:

So, it sounds like Agalloch then! Mightily, in fact. Progressively-tilted guitar passages and floating leads, accompanied by a thrumming atmospheric bassline and John Haughm’s whispered, hissed and screeched vocals, something akin to a black metal Voldemort. His lyrics are of a distinctly Satanic lilt – but in the self-reverent, Satanisc Bible sense of the word, rather than the demon-worshipping and black magic kind. One line in particular stands out: “My allegiance is with the inner self; the dark celestial voice of wisdom.”

If you’re interested in the creation process, Agalloch posted an album of the recording sessions at Cloud City here on Facebook.

The Serpent & The Sphere will be out May 13th via Profound Lore and May 19th in Europe via Eisenwald. The band have a few dates booked for that month, including a slot at Maryland Deathfest XII, which should be a treat, appearing alongside the likes of Black Breath, Torche and Gorguts.