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French shoegazers Alcest tease new material from forthcoming record

Alcest - Shelter

We’re currently writing our big preview of 2014, so it will be nice to be able to talk about the new Alcest record Shelter with more authority, as the French shoegaze duo yesterday properly unveiled the album’s first new song ”Délivrance.

They’ve been playing it live since at least September last year, but with the album only just around the corner, the customary previews were due to begin about now, so here it is:

Alcest’s last two albums - Écailles de Lune and Les Voyages de l’Âme – were hauntingly beautiful records that began composer Niege’s steps away from black metal he produced in Amesoeurs and into a more post-rock/shoegaze style…and if ”Délivrance” is anything to go by, Shelter will be just as gorgeous.

The concept of the album is as simple as the title suggests: it’s about safe havens. Label Prophecy Productions commented:

“Conceptually, the title of the album ‘Shelter’ says it all. The record is about the concept of shelter as a safe place that allows everybody to escape reality for an instant, to reunite with what we really are, deep down. Neige’s own shelter turned out to be the sea, as well as the tracks of this album, all inspired by and dedicated to it.”

Délivrance” is the record’s closing track, barring a bonus track called “Into The Waves,” and it sounds like the perfect way to close the album. Shelter drops January 21st via Prophecy Productions; keep your ears peeled! Alcest will be heading out on tour across Europe with Hexvessel and The Fauns from January 17th until February 16th, taking in much of mainland Europe, the UK and a foray into Russia. Miss it at your peril.