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Glitchy new track “Synthesiz3r” from France’s own The Algorithm

The Algorithm 2014

0kay, 50 th3r3’5 p0t3nt1ally a num3r1cal th3m3 g01ng 0n w1th th15 album then, 15n’t th3r3?

Yes, French glitch-metal artist The Algorithm‘s much anticipated second album Octopus4 is not so far around the corner, and as is customary ahead of such events, a new preview track has been put out. In this instance, it’s called “Synthesiz3r” and

It kicks off with some Emperor Palpatine-sounding dude announcing the track’s title, and then kicks off into Algorithm territory, both familiar and new. What’s markedly prominent about “Synthesiz3r” is that it errs very much more on the dancey side than the metal side, which is not something we’ve really seen much of before. The staccato rhythms and glitchy effects are still in abundance, but the funky bassline and 80s synths (has Remi been talking to fellow Basick Records labelmate Chimp Spanner?), combined with clean-sung sample line “I’m never gonna change the way I feel about you” about three quarters of the way into the four and a half minute runtime, gives it a very clubby feel. You could see people dancing to this in a less than metal environment. The threat to appeal to both sides is going to be fully realised, perhaps?

Thing is, you can’t entirely take the metal out of The Algorithm. It’s surely where  Immediately after this there’s a stonkingly heavy, processed riff and a mean-as-fuck roar to really get people moving. And it will, you wait and see. We keep saying that we keep saying The Algorithm needed new material so his set didn’t get stale, and by god, this should mix things up a bit.

Details of the album have also been released – namely the full tracklisting – which means the back of your digipak will read something like this:

01. autoRun
02. discovery
03. _ MOS
04. will_smith
06. synthesiz3r
07. damage points
08. void
09. loading
10. un dernier combat
11. recovery fail!
12. octopus4

Indeed. Octopus4 is due out June 2nd through Basick Records, and pre-orders have just been released, which will yield a download of the above-discussed track. Noice.

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Bandcamp -

Live dates for the rest of the year so far are below: the band have actually just touched down in Japan for their dates with Cyclamen, so get down to that if you can.


25 – Shibuya Garret, Tokyo
26 – Digfest vol.2 Studio 246, Kyoto
27 – Nine Spices, Tokyo


05 – Zal Ozhidaniya – Saint Petersburg, Russia
06 – Volta – Moscow, Russia
07 – Mi lo – Novgorod, Russia
08 – 100 Ruchiev – Voronezh, Russia
10 – Glitchfest, Lyon, France
16 – Cologne MTC w/ Monuments, Dioramic


11/12/13 – Techfest, UK


2/3/4 – Euroblast Festival, Cologne, Germany