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Will Of The Ancients venerate their countrymen with new song

Will of the Ancients

A little fact about me as a person: I am a fierce Canadian patriot. So when I saw a post in a black metal group I admin on Facebook regarding a Toronto, Canada based band called Will of the Ancients making the title track for their newest album available for free download, and that the track was a tribute to the Canadian forces who fought at the battle of Vimy Ridge in World War I, I immediately jumped on it. The band is allowing free download of the song “To Our Glorious Dead” until Remembrance Day (November 11th).

And for your time, you aren’t just getting some short six minute long walk in the park, oh no: you’re getting a full blown eighteen minute epic that moves through multiple moods and movements; eighteen solid minutes of excellent melodic black metal. The track is about the battle of Vimy Ridge, which was a very important victory for the Allies in The Great War, and was won by the Canadian forces. No one thought the Canadians could do it, but like true badasses, the four divisions of the Canadian Corps marched up the hill in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, and kicked the Germans right off their perch. It was the first time the Canadian army had been all together, so the battle became a symbol of unity and nationalism for the young nation.

Ahem…back to the song.

It is a varied affair, starting with a haunting folky acoustic intro, before going into a march-paced black metal riff. The vocals are rough like a pack full of barbed wire, reminding me a bit of a cross between Skeletonwitch’s Chance Garnett and Graveland’s Rob Darken, and the clean vocals that enter later in the tune have a nice ring to them, as if calling from across the battlefield. The song has a faster section, and then jumps into a more Bathory-like territory with some seriously grand synth choir sounds. The song changes riffs often enough that none of them drag on. The song ends on a triumphant note, signifying the victory for the troops.

To Our Glorious Dead was released on October 8, and is available to be streamed and bought at Will of the Ancients’ Bandcamp page. To get your free download of the title track, shoot them a message on Facebook and they’ll give you a code:

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