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Arsonists Get All The Girls’ highly anticipated new album, Listen To The Color is now available for listening!

Arsonists Get All The Girls - Listen To The Color

We’ve talked about the progressive metalcore band Arsonists Get All The Girls before, and we realise that there’s a large number of people out there who are probably instantly put off by the band’s rather garish name. There’s no doubting the fact that they actually started off as a joke band, the name is a testament to that, but after the tragic death of a band member and a few line-up changes, the band rose like a phoenix from the ashes and catapulted themselves into the top tier of the metalcore crowd.

Portals and Motherland are the previous two albums from the band and they are masterpieces of the genre, a testament to what can actually be achieved in the medium of metalcore and will easily go down in history as two of the very best album the genre ever produced. Where can a band go from there? Clearly they’ve upped the stakes so much that they’ve just gone and crippled any chance they have of releasing another great album?

Much to the surprise (and disappointment) of many folks, Arsonists announced that their next album would instead be a return to their roots, the erratic, joke fuelled fun loving death/grindcore hybrid that smashed, crashed and thrashed around wildly. Their first album, Hits From The Bow is a strong release in its own right, but it showcased a young band with talent just having fun. It by no means suggested the sheer level of talent the band possessed, and later displayed on their opuses, so why would anyone choose to return there?

Honestly, it could be argued that perhaps the pressure got to the band and they just felt like having fun. They went through another line-up change and lost their incredible vocalist Jared Monette. For the latest album, they’ve actually reunited with their original vocalist Remi Rodberg, who quite honestly is the weakest vocalist they’ve ever had. That’s not to say that he’s bad; but his voice is most definitely more suited to the “jokier” and sillier side of their sound, mainly because of his constant not quite so perfect shrieking.

I’ll admit that before getting my hands on Listen To The Color I was very worried. Basically, it’s the band returning to their roots (which is a considerable step down from their new sound), and essentially hanging out with a lot of their friends (the album has a plethora of guests), whilst also being “pay what you want” (now actually changed to the minimal price of $2). You know, while that may actually be true, somehow the band have managed to pull it off.

Listen To The Color is a riot from beginning to end, a raucous, energetic album that contains some of the heaviest and weirdly, most beautiful moments of their entire career. Yes, it’s not as serious or progressive as some of their other material, and it most certainly is a return to the more chaotic, haphazard sound of old – but it’s a return with a distinct lack of the sloppiness that was often heard on their first records. The uncertainty is gone, the confusion as to their identity. If anything, Listen To The Color is the purest distillation of what Arsonists Get All The Girls music was always meant to be like, and for that reason alone it’s a must have for any self respecting fan. It’ll be interesting to see how the band choose to move on after this release though, and whether this record is truly just the “breather” that they needed before they move on to more serious affairs again.

What do you guys think? Are you impressed with this album? Disappointed compared to their previous work? Where do you think Arsonists will move after this release? Is this what you always wanted from the band? Sound off in the comments!

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