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Autumn's Dawn

At this point, it is no secret that I am a huge fan of the work of one Tim Yatras (Germ, ex-Austere, ex-Woods of Desolation). I find his compositions to be something otherworldly, and deeply emotional. The last Germ album, Grief, received a rave review from yours truly, and I also had the immense pleasure of co-curating an email interview with the man himself.

So of course, I listened with interest when I heard about a new side project that he was involved in, called Autumn’s Dawn. As mentioned in the interview, Autumn’s Dawn is a collaboration between Tim (Sorrow) and Anguish (Rise of Avernus, Troldhaugen, Germ (live)). Their debut release will be a three song EP, which was written and recorded in only a couple days. The first song from the album was premiered back in December, and the other day, another song was released for streaming.

It’s called “The Death of Hope“. Like the first track from the album “This Frozen Soil“, “The Death of Hope” is a sombre, relaxed affair, with a cold, rough, depressive atmosphere. It evokes an image of a lonely forest stream, frozen over as the first cold winds of winter blow across the land. All is silent save that mournful wind, winding its way through the tall, forlorn trees and across distant hills. The wistful guitar lead that flows over the rhythm tracks is truly beautiful. The vocals have a howling, haunting quality to them that is generally standard in this genre, but at the same time, they feel like they rise above being merely ‘standard’.

Sorrow provides the drums, vocals, and guitar, whilst Anguish contributes more guitars, bass, and keyboards. Both perform wonderfully, clearly meshing their respective sounds very well. The composition is really nice, as we saw on both this song and “This Frozen Soil“. For black metal fans who want speed and Satan, you should probably look elsewhere, but for those of us who enjoy the sorrowful atmospheres and contemplative music, Autumn’s Dawn’s self-titled EP promises to really fill that void.

Autumn’s Dawn will be released on April 21st on Eisenwald Records.

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