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Balmorhea extend instrumental masterclass with new track

Balmorhea - Heir

Today is a good day. Do you know why, internet friends?


Today is a good day because today Texan instrumental sextet Balmorhea (pronounced Bal-mor-ay) premiered a new song.

Titled “Heir I“, it is the first new track they’ve released in a couple of years, and every sweet-ass god-damn second of its five minute run time reminded me to crank the fuck out of Balmorhea all day ‘erry day, because they are hands down one of the finest composers of contemporary post-rock around. And SO underrated if you ask me.

Much like fellow Austinites Explosions In The Sky, they can evoke waves of emotion with apparent ease. 2010′s Constellations – a full live recording of which we posted as today’s Epic Wednesday post over on Facebook – was a revelation to me when I first heard it, utilising not only the standard rock instruments, but also banjo, organ, and a wide variety of thoughtful contributions. Never overstated, it eschewed big climaxes for tasteful atmosphere throughout. Its follow up, 2012′s Stranger, was markedly more upbeat, but bore the maturity of its predecessor well.

Have a listen to the new piece and let us know how utterly captivating you find it, because let’s face it, you will. Or should.

Heir I” is part of forthcoming two-track release Heir, which will be available from October 14th on 7″ as a companion release to the vinyl re-issue of the band’s self-titled debut, all through Western Vinyl.

Heir II” promises “a gorgeous ukulele melody, which is slowly engulfed in Kendall Clark’s expressive drumming, eventually giving way to a frenetic wall of strings.” I can’t bloody wait.

The group don’t seem to have any live dates in the pipeline, which is a grand shame, but I’m sure they’ll be back out on the road soon. I caught them a year or two ago, and it was an absolutely captivating experience.