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The legendary Behemoth unveil a new song called “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” live


Behemoth are a band all should be familiar with by now. Lead vocalist Nergal’s (Adam Darski) well publicized and ultimately successful battle with leukemia along with his legal troubles in Poland on charges of blasphemy have overshadowed their musical legacy a fair amount of late.

That said, they are still one of the top black/death metal bands in the world, bringing death metal swagger into black metal riffing, in a combination that sounds enormous. Their newest album The Satanist had its release pushed back until early 2014 – which is sad news – but happily a new song has surfaced after the band played it live on August 10th at Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic probably out of pity for those who were despairing at the delay of the new album.

The new tune is called “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” and it is pretty Behemoth alright. It isn’t the easiest to hear, due to the fan filmed quality of the video, but it is good for being fan filmed. It is slow and lumbering, monstrous and black in nature, and erupts into fiery death about halfway through. Nergal sounds as evil as ever as well, with his hellfire-furnace vocals. It is good to see him back on stage after the cancer struck him down, even now more than two years later. The man has staying power far beyond that of most men.

It’ll be tough to wait for The Satanist but it sounds as if it will be worth the wait. One has to imagine the recent tribulation in his life has given Nergal even more fire to that which drives his song writing, and so one hopes that the album will be utterly destructive.

Does this match your wishes for The Satanist? Are Behemoth back with a vengeance? How many virgin sacrifices do you reckon it will take to bring the release forward again?! Let us know!

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