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Blut Aus Nord and P.H.O.B.O.S. split bears fruit

Blut Aus Nord PHOBOS Triunity
Blut Aus Nord are undoubtedly one of the most forward thinking black metal acts around. Emerging from France in the 90s, they created such gems as The Work Which Transforms God and Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With The Stars. Their most recent full length efforts took the form of a trilogy titled 777, which saw the band moving into a cavernous, almost post-black metal direction. They also released a trilogy of EPs under the title Liber, as well as releasing an EP celebrating the 10th anniversary of their label Debemur Morti Productions.

All of this was done in the past three years, and they are not done yet: they have a split EP with P.H.O.B.O.S on the horizon. The split, named Triunity, will feature three songs from each band. The other day we saw the premier of a stream for one of the Blut Aus Nord songs, called “De Librio Arbitrio“:

“Triunity is the result of an unexpected reunion gathering two major entities of the extreme musical scene. Both engaged in a bewitching endeavour to create an occult structure of industrial, urban and insane sounds.

P.H.O.B.O.S, the mechanical dark mass, and BLUT AUS NORD, the occult sonic sorcery, develop their own vision and present, in “Triunity”, an higher form of music to illustrate this enigmatic and esoteric concept.

This ambitious and deeply dark project is the metaphysical alliance of Industrial Dark Drone and Legendary Unorthodox Black Metal.”

This new tune is pretty atmosphere heavy, like any Blut Aus Nord song. It carries the same strange, cavernous, echoing sort of feel that the band have become known for. Their experimental brand of black metal is not as out there today as it used to be, but it still does things that few other bands do. Deathspell Omega is the only other band that would be comparable.

The use of slightly twisted and haunting melodies mixed with heavy industrial style drumming create a really dark, inhuman atmosphere. This is the kind of music that one would expect to hear when exploring a post-apocalyptic industrial complex, cement and steel towering over you with gray malevolence. The vocals are harsh, droning, and grating all at once at really put an exclamation point on this track.

A P.H.O.B.O.S. track is also streaming over at Brooklyn Vegan.

Triunity will be released on June 20th.

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