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Is that an ASOIAF reference from Caligula’s Horse with their new song “All is Quiet by the Wall”?

caligulas horse

I was trawling through the internet the other day when I noticed a recent post by Australian progressive metal group Ne Oblivisaris on their Facebook page (check out NeO if you haven’t already; they are amazing) about another Australian band called Caligula’s Horse, who just recently released a new song from their new album. The album actually apparently came out the other day, so I will endeavour to find a way to listen to it, because the one song that I heard was fucking awesome.

This song is called “All is Quiet by the Wall” and it really rocks. It sounds expansive, heavy, complex, and almost peaceful at the same time, blending prog metal composition with classic rock power. The guitar parts alternate between heavy twisting riffs and relaxed clean arpeggios, before culminating in a couple of absolutely excellent guitar solos around the four minute and seven minute marks. Vocally, there is almost an anthemic feel in some areas of the 9 minute song, and the singer sounds really good. Keyboards are present, but very downplayed so as to add texture rather than be a driving force of the music, instead letting the guitar and vocals truly carry the sound. Ultimately, it sounds really colourful and diverse, the production is full and rich, and it has converted me into a fan of the band.

There is also a video for another song from the album, called “Dark Hair Down“. This song puts a bit more groove into the riffs, taking cues from modern progressive metal. The video is also pretty cool, certainly worth watching.

All Is Quiet by the Wall” is from the new album The Tide, The Thief & River’s End, which was released on October 4th. It is the band’s second album. Their first is titled Moments From Ephemeral City, and that album can be purchased and streamed in full on their Bandcamp page.

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