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Mathy pioneers Candiria return after years away with new track

Candiria - Invaders EP

Candiria, the ground-breaking quintet from Brooklyn, are just about to drop their first new material in five years, in the form of the Invaders EP on 29th April. This is kind of a big deal.

Why is it a big deal? Because few bands have as legitimate a claim to being ‘ahead of their time’ than Candiria. After a couple of albums that – in all honesty – can be left in the ‘for completionists only’ file, things really came together for the band on 2001′s 300 Percent Density. The band played what today would be called tech, but then was best described as math-metal, primed by the likes of DEP’s Calculating Infinity. However, rather than being a non-stop assault of screaming noise, Candiria incorporated a cocktail of jazz and hip-hop into their sound along with the awkward time signatures and labyrinthine song structures that have now become familiar tropes in some quarters.

The Coma Imprint followed in 2002. Building on these themes, it was another hugely challenging but ultimately rewarding listen.

However, the band then suffered a horrific crash while on tour, when an 18 wheeler sent their van literally tumbling off the road. A picture of the mangled vehicle featured on the front covet of their next album, defiantly titled What Doesn’t Kill You…, in 2004. This album also showcased a somewhat more straightforward approach to songwriting for the band, so it is their most accessible and the ideal gateway album for the uninitiated. It was also during this period that I finally got to see the band play, at the much missed London Astoria, to a packed house of thoroughly bewildered Bullet For My Valentine fans.

But all was not well in the Candiria camp, and the momentum they had built was lost through line-up changes, including the departure of lynchpin guitarist John LaMacchia. John returned to the fold and the band recorded Kiss The Lie, their last album in sessions during 2006, but drummer Ken Schalk then left the band and with the remaining members viewing him as irreplaceable – along with an unfortunate legal tussle with their label, it languished unreleased until 2009. Sadly, when it did quietly see its release, it was patchy and disappointing. Shame.

There have been various noises from the Candiria camp over the intervening years, along with a characteristicly bizarre three-part collection of rarities and remixes entitled Toying With The Insanities, but “Invaders” – premiered over at Metalsucks - is the first new music from the band in quite some time.

It is a bit of a monster. Ostensibly, it is based on the Iron Maiden track of the same name, but you’d have to be a serious fan to spot it amongst the jazz breaks and stop-start riffing. Not to mention the full-bore freak out at the end of the track. But one thing is clear – Candiria are back with a vengeance. The EP, and the album that will ultimately follow it, are going to be must-listens for anyone who loves challenging, genre-defying music.

Check out the stream, as well as these choice cuts from their back catalogue. Then brace yourself.

 (from Three Hundred Percent Density)

(from What Doesn’t Kill You)