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Chronographs showing no cracks in new direction with “Porcelain”

Chronographs - Porcelain

Hopefully you know the drill by now, but in case you don’t, here it is:

Chronographs, who hail from various places across the UK, used to be a tech-metal band. They were rather good at what they did in that respect, putting out the fine five-track Nausea last year and playing some excellent shows off the back of it – but even when it was released the material was approaching two years old, and the five members – Jon, Toms Ridley and Benson, Jack, and Finn – had moved on, aspiring to be more than a narrow genre would confine them to.

So here we are, three months into a planned cycle twelve that sees the band refocussed in a new direction, with a new song being released every month, as was planned by Vestascension back in 2011 (who only got to 8 I believe, glorious as they were).

Gone are the overdriven guitars and harsh vocals, but what remains is the attention to songwriting, weedly technicality, and Jon’s glorious clean tones. We’ve had two slices of the cake already, with “Losing Light” and “The Hunter“, but this weekend the band released number 3: “Porcelain.

I know the guys have been particularly excited about this one. It’s still early days in the band’s new direction, but already they’re knocking it out of the park. “Porcelain” is weedly to the max, but carries with it a warm and encompassing tone. By contrast, the lyrics are sorrowful and filled with melancholy, and it’s a heady cocktail. Check it out below:

The next song will be out next month – I know they’re already hard at work, and have been recording in batches so as not to fall behind – so make sure you head over to their website and buy “Porcelain” (and its predecessors, if you haven’t already) to keep supporting these guys. Very worth it.