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Chronographs’ fifth single arrives

Chronographs - D.O.T.S.

You know the drill by now: Chronographs are releasing a new song every month for a year. They’re four deep, and now as August looms, we’ve got July’s offering: “D.O.T.S.“.

As promised, this one is a bit more technical in nature compared to the last two in particlar, “Porcelain” and “Flat White“. Give it a listen:

Although existing fans have taken to the band’s newer, sans-metal direction with gusto, this one is certain to please those who got into Chronographs for their techier abilities. The drumming is absolutely top notch; there are dropped beats all over the shop, combining nicely with the stabbing chords and weedles that are heavily reminiscent of the first single “Losing Light“.

It was remarked to me by a friend recently that vocalist Jon Sinfield constructs his lyrics in a similar fashion to Circa Survive/Saosin frontman Anthony Green, which is high praise indeed, and certainly not unwarranted; that dropping of the sentence’s object, and beginning lines with verbs, which gives the lines a lot of punch. It’s a good ‘un; I like it.

Supplementarily to this, a recent introspective blog post by guitarist Jack Pope went into detail about how he feels about making music, after reading a post from Cyclamen/Withyouathome main man Hayato Imanishi. Here’s

You know what happened to musicians 40 years ago? You made a band, you played to friends at a house party and the band broke up. 20 people were your biggest fans but no one heard you and as a result no label came. No record deal, no fancy cars just a big fat nothing and a contract with a local shop to stack fruit. Very very rarely did a rock star pop up. This was reality and the dream was hard to find and harder to keep.

It’s a quite eloquently written piece, whichever way your chips fall on the subject.

Anyway, “D.O.T.S.” can be downloaded from the band’s site here.