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The curtain falls on Chronographs’ new musical direction

Chronographs Losing Light single

Just over a year ago, UK weedle-mongers Chronographs released their label debut EP Nausea. Brimming with technicality, the five songs were an aggressive statement of intent from a young band just making their way into the limelight.

Thing is, those songs were written two years before release, and so now are three years old. Think how much bands can change in three years. I mean, they have much the same lineup (only drummer Finn “the metronome” Mclean is new-ish), so you have to wonder how much more techy and aggressive they’ve gotten.

The answer? Well, not very much. In fact, less so.

The group’s brand new song “Losing Light” is more “losing smite,” but that’s okay – because it still bites like a pit viper. Gone is vocalist Jon Sinfield’s roared rhetoric, and the pacey, overdriven guitars, but it still carries the intelligence and attention to strong songwriting that they had before. If what they had before was ‘twice’, then this is more Thrice.

Indeed, in a blog post in January, the band spoke a little bit about what they were hoping to achieve in their future, and cited Thrice’s chameleonic nature as something they aspire to:

“Thrice are an obvious example. Every album is a different beast, and over their career they covered so much ground.”

So without any further ado, here’s “Losing Light,” the first in Chronographs’ new chapter:

I won’t say I think the track is perfect – I’ve not yet made peace with the harmonics of the main riff – but overall it’s a bombastic slice of mathy rock that does the band justice. Jon is a fantastic singer, and his lyrics deep, and whilst fans may miss the harder edge of their music, it’s certainly no less intelligent.

If you want your own copy of the song you can pick it up for £1 from Bandcamp. There’s another new tune planned for next month, so keep your ears peeled for that.